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MiraFlow FAQ’S

How do I make my lenses last longer?

Clean them on a regular basis.  Daily if needed. If you are wearing Daily Wear Lenses you don’t need to clean them.  However if your Eye Doctor has you on a monthly wearing schedule you should clean them at least once a week.  Some patients will need to clean their lenses 2-3 times a week or even daily depending on the amount of protein and mucus you get on your lenses.

My new silicone lenses get uncomfortable and blurry, what do I do?

Silicone lenses as a result of their surface dynamics cause tear proteins to bead up on the lens surface more then previous lens plastics.  So cleaning these lenses is essential for comfort.  A lot of patients need to clean them every day.

 My eyes are dry and feel scratchy will MiraFlow help?

It will clean the lens and make them feel better thru your daily wearing routine.  The key is cleaning your lens on a consistent schedule.  This schedule will be determined by how much mucus you deposit on the lens every day you wear them.  If you get a lot of mucus on the lens you may have to clean them daily.  Some patients will clean weekly.

How does MiraFlow work?

MiraFlow has a very, very fine abrasive along with alcohol to clean everything off both surfaces of the contact lens.